Patriotism, Slavery and Memorial Day, a guest blog by Jessica Robertson


This is a first for me. My friend, Jessica, and I were so moved the other day on our way back across our great San Fernando Valley from school that she was inspired to share her thoughts with you. I am honored to have my first guest blog post on the Weekly Wednesday. My only regret is that it didn’t come out on Memorial Day. So in the spirit of remembrance, please enjoy this thoughtful, touching and hopeful message from the heart of California and the lovely, Jessica Robertson…


I have driven down this road every weekend for two years.  Today I stopped.  In this era of drought and  conservation, I wanted to see how the water was being brought to the crops of this valley.  What I received as an answer–through all my senses–was not what I had expected.  Because as I looked at the trench of water flowing and the more narrow trenches feeding the rows of corn, the corn took the reigns of my attention.  I must have asked it some sort of question as it suddenly spoke a word to me. It was as if it had been waiting so long for someone to stop and listen. It confided in me.  ”Slavery,”  it whispered, and then it shied away.  Now, of course I didn’t actually hear a corn voice.  However, it was definitely spoken.  I took it in.  I listened.  I didn’t judge.  I looked around me and what I saw was corn.  Corn in rows.  Corn that was not the corn of its forefathers.  GMO corn, enslaved in rows, each one looking just like the one before.  No rogues.  No differentiation.  No companion plants, besides a few dry weeds at the edge of the field.  The sunlight streamed across the field, illuminating the beauty of this American icon.  King Corn.  I was born and raised in the heart of Indiana.  I was a child of the corn.  But as I stood there, just being and just observing the moment and the messages that were being transmitted by this scene, more came:  We’ve done it. Nature is enslaved.  Water has been captured and forced to run through these perpendicular troughs.  Corn, by its very nature wants to scatter.  This corn was enslaved.  This corn can feed an army.  It’s ancestors, maybe only a small tribe.  This corn is grown and tended by migrant workers, who work for “slave wages” and receive little recognition for their toil and pains.  In the spirit of George Washington Carver, I apologized to the corn.  Told it that it won’t always be this way.  “Have hope, little corn.  It is not your mother who has forsaken you.”  I truly felt empathy for these plants, this water, the soil, and the birds who must witness this slavery day in and day out and can only caw about it.  Oh beautiful for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain, for purple mountains majesty, above the fruited plains….I live above the fruited plains.  About 20 miles to the east and about 400 feet in elevation above them.  I have to drive through them every week.  I cannot deny them.  I want to hold my breath as I drive the 100 miles through them, to my school near the coast, afraid that I too, must be subjected to the poisons sprayed upon them, as they pass through my fan vents.  This is our reality right now, in the present.  But it is not the reality I seek for the future.  I do not seek the bleak.  I want to drive through plains full of organically grown crops, where other plants are grown amongst each other, creating a harmony within the field, so that sprays are not needed and bees are welcome.  I want the beautiful peoples who tend these crops to have a voice and health insurance. At this time of Memorium, I wish to set forth a prayer.  One that honors all beings.  Not just a prayer for Americans or Vets, but one that includes all peoples who eat, work and live.  And lets remember also the beings that exist within and among the natural world of plants, animals and minerals.  We cannot survive, naturally, without them.  We are not alone in this world.  We cannot forsake them without forsaking ourselves.


IMG_1293This is my “national anthem” … 


U R Beautiful!

U R Beautiful

Just wanted to send you a quick reminder since I have been on a bit of a hiatus from writing this blog 😉

I will resume again soon! Sometimes space has to be given in order to re-create. Much love to you and yours, Marianne

And since I am in the final push of my Waldorf Teacher Training program, here is the latest Calendar of the Soul…

“My self is like to fly away,
Drawn mightly into the cosmic light.
Now, heart’s diving, lend your strength!
That helps me hold to what is right;
Transform for me the power of thought
That fain would lose itself
In sense world’s fair appearance.”

– Rudolf Steiner

Every s i n g l e moment, a gift…

IMG_0994“Faith. That is why I am still here. The faith of my parents.”, said my almost 93-year old soul sister, Ruthie, when I visited her last week. She is still working out her purpose, as she says. I say her purpose is love. She also said, “Life grows us.” She had to repeat it 3 times to me before I got it. I can be a little stubborn sometimes. 😉

Life does grow us. We grow by responding rather than reacting, discerning rather than dictating, prioritizing and acting rather than allowing confusion and remaining isolated.

I had my first experience of flying stand-by this last week across the country to be with my family during a time of medical emergency. It puts everything in perspective. My illusion of control was popped. I felt the anxiety of not knowing. I observed my feelings, faith and expectation rise and fall with outside circumstances. I saw my attachments to wanting it my way and I was aware when I was using my emotions productively or being debilitated by them. Everything “in” life is training ground “for” life.

What resulted out of the opportunity to fly stand-by was the ability to deal with what lay ahead with my family. It was a week of uncertainty, of responding when it was time and letting go of expectations when it wasn’t. It was a letting go of the way things “should” be and accepting what is. I cannot save someone’s life, but I can love them. I can appreciate, honor and be there for them. I can be responsible and manage my own emotions and learn my own limitations and where I need to ask for help and support that is appropriate. I can let life grow me.

Holt WoodsI physically returned to California this week, but my heart and thoughts are still very much at home in Michigan with my family. Please send a quiet prayer of love and light to a very dear loved one of mine, Sharyn, as she continues on her healing journey to a clean bill of health. We don’t know what the future holds. I only know that love heals everything.



Art wherever you find it….

IMG_0967“I feel the strength of universal being;’
Thus speaks clarity of thought,
Rememb’ring my own Spirit’s growth
In the darkness of world nights,
And to the new World-day to come
Inclines the inner rays of hope.”

~ Rudolf Steiner, Calendar of the Soul, March 8 – 14

This week is full. I find that I have been unable, even in the few moments of breathing this week, to make art. So the art came to me in the form of a colorful prism and a tofu heart at the bottom of my pan. 😉 You got to take it where you can get it sometimes.

I am presenting my third year project this weekend on color in the Waldorf classroom, mainly the color on the walls and how they are painted. Consequently, color is alive for me and speaking loud and clear at this moment. In the photo of the tofu heart, light and dark meet with color in the middle. According to Goethe’s Theory of Color, color arises out of the interaction / intersection of light and darkness. I have had color theory, the soul mood of colors and Lazure painting on the brain, so what shows up in my life is a reflection of what is inside.

What else is showing up in front of me is gratitude, love, beauty, fun, good history, friendships and growth. I think that’s a pretty good way to start another turn around the sun 😉 Blessings on your weekend!

I’ll be back to creating art soon!

The Light of Love . . .


“Let the certainty of cosmic thinking appear
in the Light! —
that longs to flow
forcefully into my soul:
solving riddles of the soul,
focusing the force of its rays,
awakening love in human hearts.”

Calendar of the Soul, Rudolf Steiner, March 1 – 7

This Calendar of the Soul spoke strongly to me this morning. I felt a bit foggy, a little dark in my thoughts and a tinge of overwhelm, not only for my own life, but for the lives of friends and family and all they are dealing with at this time. Before I got out of bed, my eyes landed on this print of Love streaming through directly across from my bed. As I sat on my cushion for meditation, I sat directly in the path of the sun, feeling relief as it flooded over me and penetrated my thoughts.

Last night, I fell asleep with the light of Grandmother Moon bathing me and enveloping me in her illumination, thanking Creator for my day.

Sometimes, this is all there is. Thanking, appreciating and feeling what there is to feel and getting started all over again.

I hope somehow this resonates with you too. Blessings on your week and loved ones….. namaste xo

Light, dark and misty reflections…


“There wills to arise from womb of worlds,
Quickening the sense’s glory,
Joy of unfolding life.
May it find my thinking’s strength
Fortified by the powers of God
Which strongly live in my inmost self”.

~ Rudolf Steiner, Calendar of the Soul, Feb. 22 – 28

I am preparing my third year project for presentation in two weeks. If I am not actively working on it, I am thinking about it, planning it, organizing it in my mind. One thing that has helped is taking it into my sleep, asking before I go to bed, to be shown new information, ideas or inspiration to keep this project moving until its’ presentation. Silence has been a big part of it and so has stopping to pause and notice these beautiful scenes that revealed themselves to me as I went from one event to the next last week.


I’ve had a great opportunity for self-reflection and there have been plenty of moments of darkness. I am sitting with it, feeling it, asking for help and releasing what no longer serves me. Today as I sat in meditation and prayer, the message that came through was this, “It is more important to be gentle and loving than angry”. That is an epiphany for me. Especially when I feel justified. It led me down a peaceful and lighter path today that brought joy and laughter amid lifes’ complications.

Finally, as my co-students and I prepare for our projects we were given a verse to work with daily to support our research and preparation for our presentations. I thought you might like it too…

Steadfast I stand upon the earth            (left leg steps into a wide stance)
With certainty I walk the path of life        (right leg steps into a wide stance)
Love I cherish in the core of my being    (left arm is held raised 45 degrees from chest)
Hope flows into all my deeds                  (right arm is held raised 45 degrees from chest)
Truth guides my thinking                         (nod of head and stillness, standing in a 5-pointed star)
These five lead me to my goal
These five give me my existence            (arms fold around self in a hug, stand in stillness for a moment, release arms
Blessings to you and courage for your journey this week…

A window into my world….


I have been on a bit of a working retreat this week. I was blessed with a housesitting opportunity just at the time when I needed to buckle down and sequester myself to prepare my third year project for my Waldorf Teacher Training program. It has been divine. Rather than write, I offer snipets of what made these last few days special. Enjoy!

Here’s where I sit…


What I listened to… Yo Yo Ma

My love this week… (how can you resist this!)


Here’s what I did… found Kiwi butts, hearts and sacred geometry at the Marin Farmer’s Market.



Here’s where I found inspiration…



And here…



And here…



I listened to this… Joshua Bell, Ave Maria

Here’s what else I did… oh, and wrote my project 😉


Words of wisdom…

“The world it threatens to benumb

The inborn power of my soul;

Now memory from spirit depths

Step forth in radiant light

And strengthen my beholding,

Which by forces of the will alone

Is able to maintain itself”.

~ Rudolf Steiner, Calendar of the Soul, Feb. 15 – 21

Here I am now…


Nuff’ said 😉

What inspires you? What do you love about your life? What will you do today to make yourself joyful? Look about you, it’s there.

Blessings on your week, as always… love, Marianne

Love, love, love, love, love…


“Where there is love there is life”.
~ Mahatma Ghandi

Love….. such a beautifully loaded word. I am saying it a lot lately. I am awed by the love in my life. It is blossoming, spreading, making me stronger and building the life that I have imagined for a long time.  Somehow, what I always knew was there for me, landed in my lap and has made everything else I have experienced worth it and make sense. I had to be ready for this one. I had to know how to nurture a “keeper” 😉 I had to love myself. I had to let go and let my heart lead me, not my thoughts, my lists or whatever else led me in the past. I had to pray for it and then take my hands off the wheel. Whoo hoo! What a beautiful ride.

My life is full and as I get ready to mark another turn around the sun, I realize that I can’t keep going like the Energizer Bunny deep into the night unless I have the full moon behind me. I have to re-fuel, rest and recline much more than I used to and I have to love myself, which means letting some things go at times. For the first time ever in 3 1/2 years of writing this blog, I missed a week. If you missed it, I apologize. I have to admit it was extremely strange not to put out my “Weekly Wednesday” (now usually Thursday, Friday or Saturday ;-).

Writing this blog is my practice. It has kept me honest, made me walk my talk and created nourishing relationships with many of you reading this. It feeds me. I hope it feeds you. I have learned to love myself, my life and all that I am blessed with, in front of you.

Thank you for witnessing my journey. For showing up over and over again to all of the things you love in your life, even when it feels like a grind and you need a break. For opening yourself more and more, every moment of the day, to more love.

Happy Love Day Everyday! 


“Firm grows the power of thought
In union with the spirit-birth;
And senses’ dull enchantment
It brightens to full clarity.
If richness of the soul
Would join with world becoming,
Then senses’ revelation
Must needs receive the light of thinking”.

~ Rudolf Steiner, Calendar of the Soul, February 8 – 14th


The musings on Mother Nature and life by Marianne Hale

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